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March 13, 2007


...around the bushes and up a tree...

(compliments of number one son)

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“Around the bushes and up the tree,
To grandmother’s house we go …”

The little ones sang the song with gusto, even though their grandmother really lived up in the attic of a brownstone in the City, and the nearest tree didn’t come anywhere near the eaves, and the only bushes were a half mile away in the park.

Nevertheless, it was a cheerful tune, and it make the sparrow pull our chariot all the harder for it. We could have flown ourselves, of course, but we live in a fairy ring out in Connecticut, and the little ones tired easily.

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Around the bushes, up the tree…

She couldn’t shake it.

The fire department had been called…

She couldn’t shake it.

Across the lawn she ran, to the house…

She just couldn’t shake it.

9-1-1 please help…

She couldn’t shake it.

“Ma’am, we’ve got your kitty…”

But, the pounding in her chest.

She just couldn’t shake it.

“Your cat will be fine…”

Her Nitro bottle…

She shook it and shook it...

“Ma’am, are you feeling…”

“The lid… The lid…” she gasp.

She was shaking.

“Ma’am are you okay?...”

He shook and shook her…

Kitty needs a new home…

It’s shaking, shaking…

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