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March 13, 2007


...around the bushes and up a tree...

(compliments of number one son)

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Jim: It's Knot What You Think

Wendell torpedoed through the high grass, his short legs pumping furiously. Then he doubled back to the berry bush, hoping the succulent fruit would distract his pursuer.

The trick only frustrated Wendell’s opponent who, in turn, reared up on tiptoes to peer over the swaying green grass. Wendell flattened onto his belly and slithered toward the tree. When his pursuer was looking the other way, he bounded up the trunk and into the hole.

“Gotcha, Weasel!” grinned the monkey, peeking into the hole.

“Pop!” giggled Wendell.

“Don’t call me that,” berated the monkey. “Your mom and I are just friends.”

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Jeff R.: A Cautionary Tale

Old Man Whittaker rarely went outside. He defended his unkempt lawn from local teenagers with a b-b gun.

One month, his electric bill was much higher than usual. He was perplexed until he looked out his back window and saw the orange extension cord, plugged in to his outside socket.

So he grabbed his air rifle, put on a heavy robe, and ventured outside. He followed the cord to the back of his lawn, around the bushes, and up a tree, where it terminated somewhere inside a treehouse.

He took careful aim, and fired. Bobby screamed all the way down.

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Ted: Prelude: Part II

Silea watched the man from her perch. He seemed slow, clumsy, and inept. He hadn't looked up once. Maybe his mask made it hard to breathe.

Of course, he didn't see the rutting snarl stalking him.

Killing the snarl was one of the standing orders for watchmen, but news of the stranger was important to the People also. So when the creature attacked, Silea dropped from her tree to meet it.

She let the beast impale itself on her spear, stole the stranger's mask, and eeled into the undergrowth. Back up the branches, she raced for her post to report.

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