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March 9, 2007


Something fundamental has changed...

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While rumors had lingered for years, it was first documented by Australian fishermen. A large portion of the south sea was no longer saline.

As the phenomenon spread worldwide, water conservation quickly became a thing of the past. Toilets worked again. Life was good.

But when the icecaps began growing massively and exponentially, earth’s scientists became doomsayers.

As the oceans continued to freeze and the earth began to dry, the south sea was explored, ufo’s were blamed, alien invaders were discussed.

Slowly the final truth was discovered. It wasn’t that something new had come, but that something old had left.

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God and the Devil sat at the poolside bar, one sipping mojitos, the other a G&T.

“Okay, but it’s got to be something big.”

“Limitless wealth?”

“Greed has no bounds. We both know that.”

“Animals talking?”

“You’d do that to poor animals?”

“How about … gender inversion. Men become women. Women become men.”

A long, pause, quiet consideration. “Okay, twenty says the world’s a smouldering cinder by the end of the week.”

“Seven days? How ironic. Fine. Twenty says by Christmas they have World Peace.”

“Talk about ironic. You’re on.”

Remarkably enough – or perhaps not – neither of them won their bet.

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