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January 31, 2007


In this day in history, back in 1606, Guy Fawkes was executed for his role in the Gunpowder Plot.

Today's theme is to Remember.

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Jim: Saigon

Almond eyes, like pools of night reflecting her desperation, set on a delicate, porcelain face framed by straight, indigo-sheened, onyx hair.

I see her tiny form pushing against the back of a crowd that mindlessly repels her efforts. Even though I cannot hear her amidst the din, I know she is yelling my name.

As giant rotors increase their tempo, I’m pushed to the back of the cabin and held in place by bodies and the joint stinks of fear and sweat.

We take off, leaving the rooftop behind.

I still see her eyes.

God! Please help me to forget!

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Jeff R.:The River Lethe, Dammed

Reminol was developed as an anti-Alzheimer's medication, but approval came quickly for general use as a memory enhancer, and by '22 it was the most popular little pill in America. It functioned by forcing the brain to put everything experienced while it was in effect- usually four to six hours- directly into long-term memory, where it would be recalled perfectly until the user slept and fairly strongly afterward.

The side effects were minor: headaches, and mild insomnia. Everybody liked it, pretty much, except for Scientologists, the radical Kassites and the professional teachers, who scrambled to test comprehension rather than retention.

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David: Little Reminders

I see my ex-girlfriend at the New Year’s Eve party. Our eyes meet, and every reason why we broke up flies straight out of my head. Passion pulls us together like magnets made of antimatter. We collide on the dance floor, and adjourn briefly to a guest bedroom.

When midnight rolls around, she’s nowhere to be found. I want to celebrate our reunion with the traditional New Year’s kiss, so I go looking for her. I find her in that same guest room, with three guys and another girl.

Oh, yeah. She’s a cheating whore. That’s right. I remember now.

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