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January 18, 2007

From The Comments: kasac

It had been seventeen days, and Max had not yet passed the pendant. Just a little heart-shaped charm, pretty as could be, not worth much, but, enough.

“Billy, Max needs out.” My wife pouted.

“Unlock his door.” I groaned the obvious.

“Billy, you know what that pendant means to me. We have to find it.”

She said “we”, but she hasn’t followed Max around the yard for two weeks. Poking and prodding every dropping, like some hunger-crazed Chinese toddler with a chopstick in each hand.

We buried Max, later that summer, with pendant inside. He’s our own little buried treasure.

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Great story, kasac!

Posted by: Jim Parkinson at January 18, 2007 6:06 PM · Permalink

I didn’t realize/discover that I had made the front page 11/01 until last week. I felt bad, that I hadn’t acknowledged the appreciation, but felt it was too late. Too unimportant. I enjoy this writing very much, and truly enjoy with anticipation what our personalities come up with. Thank you for today Again showing your appreciation. There is a sense of validation that comes with the “ataboy” of front paging. And although my stories look mighty back pagey next to yours, ….I can’t wait to tell my wife.

Posted by: kasac at January 18, 2007 6:30 PM · Permalink

Thanks Jim!!

Posted by: kasac at January 18, 2007 6:34 PM · Permalink

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