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January 18, 2007


Today's entries should be about "treasure."

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David: What A Thing Is Worth

Mom had this cheap plastic necklace, looked like it cost all of a nickel. She kept it wrapped in tissue paper inside a velvet-lined box in the bottom drawer of her jewelry case. It took me years to realize that she only wore it once a year, always on the same day.

After she died, I found the letter. From Dad, from the war, before I was born. He promised to come home safe to see her wearing what he’d won her at the fair. He never did.

I think I have a few outfits that necklace could go with.

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Jim: Take Yon Flask

To Tippian the elf, his human companion sounded like a plodding stone golem. “We’re getting close now,” Tippian hissed. “Can you be more quiet?”

Bragda the warrior shrugged massive shoulders. “You try moving quietly with a sword, a shield, and a hundred pounds of chain mail,” he growled in reply.

The elf carefully peered around the next corner. “It doesn’t matter,” he sighed. “The dragon isn’t even here!”

“Now all this gold is ours,” grinned Bragda.

In the cavernous shadows above, an ancient, evil wyrm stretched enormous leather wings and waited to see if the trespassers made their saving throws.

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Ted: Found Penny

So, we did it right there and it was just as great as I remembered. Her skin was burnished copper but as hot as the smelter. Her hair was molten gold. Her breasts were like finest silk, with bright perfect ruby nipples.

We lay beside the bones, rhythm like a well lubricated press: each rocking motion like a precious silver coin.

Her diamond bright eyes shone in the torchlight as she pistoned on top of me, their sapphire blue boring into my soul..again.

Her orgasm built like the pressure from an oil well, and dragged me with it.



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From The Comments: kasac

It had been seventeen days, and Max had not yet passed the pendant. Just a little heart-shaped charm, pretty as could be, not worth much, but, enough.

“Billy, Max needs out.” My wife pouted.

“Unlock his door.” I groaned the obvious.

“Billy, you know what that pendant means to me. We have to find it.”

She said “we”, but she hasn’t followed Max around the yard for two weeks. Poking and prodding every dropping, like some hunger-crazed Chinese toddler with a chopstick in each hand.

We buried Max, later that summer, with pendant inside. He’s our own little buried treasure.

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Jeff R.:Part 13: The Deadly Discus of Danger

Tessa "Treasure" Malone slid down the rope, arms crossed around it, each holding a blazing .45. She dropped four of the Kahn's goons on the way down. Then Kroj launched his razor-discus. She dropped two feet, and it severed the rope above her, sending her tumbling toward the palace floor, a flame-like jumble of red hair and leather.

She landed on all fours and quickly sprung toward the pole the Professor was tied to.

"Took you long enough." he said, mock-ungratefully.

"Had to pick up the Tiger's Eye Pendant." she said, smiling. "No way I was going to leave empty-handed."

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