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January 19, 2007


This Day in 100 Word History... one year ago today, Wilson Pickett died.

If you wait till the Midnight Hour, what will happen?

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Tanya: Untitled

Almost midnight. She lurked in the shadows, wondering what the hell she was doing. She didn’t need another burden in her life. But she owed this to her sister, much as she hated her.

The town hall clocktower struck the hour, and a man ran out of the darkness. Without glancing around, he dumped a duffel bag into a trash can in the park, then dashed away.

She waited another fifteen minutes, then emerged resignedly and retrieved the bag. As she returned to her car, the first whines came from inside it. She shushed her infant nephew and kept walking.

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Jeff R.:11:55, Outside the Girl's Bathroom at the Senior Prom

"So what's your plan?"

"In a few minutes Jess'll come out. She had a few too many, so she'll likely tumble right down the stairs.

"Then what?"

"Then we get into my ride, which will mysteriously turn into a pumpkin halfway home."


"It'll run out of gas, stupid. And after that, I guess we'll just let it all hang out."

"Oh. What if she notices the meter and makes you stop for gas?"

"Dude. What kind of car do I have?"

"I dunno. Some crappy compact, right?"

"It's a Gremlin. And everyone knows you shouldn't feed them after midnight."

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David: Monsters

They come at night, Johnny’s brother had told him. Monsters crawl out of the closet and from under the bed at night to torment children who sneak out of bed.

Johnny quaked under the covers, flashlight gripped in his eight-year-old hand. He knew instinctively that monsters couldn’t get him as long as he kept cocooned in the cotton barrier.

Johnny heard his brother’s watch beep. Midnight. Johnny relaxed. Technically, it was morning now. The monsters only came at night. Johnny was safe.

Johnny slipped out of bed and peed in his brother’s sock drawer. It was monsters, he’d claim tomorrow.

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Ted: Penny Arcade

As she rolled off me, the bones started to shake. The damn things went and ruined my afterglow.

I dived for my trousers.

"Bones! I command your service!" she said, with the sound of magic in her voice. I used to hate it when she did that, not anymore. Got used to it I guess.

"You are not my master. That means you are food." replied the huge skeleton.

I didn't bother waiting to see what would happen next. I just grabbed Penny, tossed her over my shoulder, and ran for the stairs.

Midnight in a wizards basement. What fun.

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