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December 29, 2006


On this day in history, President James Polk turned on the first gas lamp in the White House in 1848.

Today's story should be about an outdated technology.

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Jim: While It Lasted

Can you recall bumper-to-bumper traffic? How about cruising up the PCH to Monterey? Remember drive-in movies or driving to the convenience store?

Then you also remember when the bombs fell on the Middle East, locking up the world’s major source of oil under a thousand years half-life of radiation. Now all the domestic petroleum production is used exclusively for government and emergency vehicles for as long as it lasts.

All around there’s only a sea of rusting metal roofs, Fords, Porsches, etc., their owners now walking.

Except for those of us on the cutting-edge who bought a horse early on.

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