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December 28, 2006


Today let us explore the possibilities of.......

statues coming to life.

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Stacy: The Huntress

He blinked in surprise as an arrow buried itself in the wall next to his head. He dropped the body of the girl, and ducked down. Morons shooting bows on campus. Great.

The girl stood up, head swaying atop her broken neck. He turned at the noise and felt his mind come loose. She rested her dead gaze on him, pointed silently. A shaft of moonlight illuminated them and an instant later an arrow embedded itself in his neck. He died trying to scream.

In the center of the quad, the goddess reslung her bow and was still once more.

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Jim: A Capitol Idea

Each decade, for one long night, bronze eyelids blink and reveal a spark of life in shaded metal eyes. Fingers stretch as her hands release their grip on the sheathed sword and shining bronze shield.

Fourteen times she has awakened and marveled at the glowing lights of the bustling city below her. All around, buildings and monuments vie with each other in their majesty and glory.

Like every other time, she longs to walk among the people, to learn what has transpired during her long slumber.

But, as always, there is no way to get down off the goddamned dome!

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From The Comments: Nick

There the soldier stood in bronze repose for oh these many years. A memorial to brave men who died long ago, and have all but been forgotten.

Now it stands bravely in the wide boulevard, fighting a war it can never win, against a relentless enemy. Every day the bombs fall, without mercy, and with unmatched accuracy. The only warning to this poor soldier, the unmistakable sound:

"Coooo coooo," then "splat."

The bombs fall daily, until the patina of the bronze has turned white. Only one spot remains clean, where one pigeon builds a nest. The start of new life.

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