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December 13, 2006


For today's theme, this line from Freddy and Frederika, the latest Mark Helprin novel to ensnare me:

"Just a moment before, he had burst into the family quarters like a lunatic, speaking words that might be misconstrued, sounding too eager and very likely insane."

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"Bottock clenching..." he exclaimed. "Laughing to himself almost uncontrolably. Then attempting in the campest voice possible he repeated the phrase.

The two maiden Aunts in the room which his mother looked at him in a mixture of horror and befuddlement.

"Excuse me!" Decried one of them, "what on earth are you on about you silly boy."

Bertie, as he was known, steadied himself and tried to reply.

"You see I was watching an excercise video of my girlfriend's and the host was imploring the viewers to action.

Clearly she didn't as she glared at him with great distaste. "Odd man..."

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I swear it seems that the Queen's English is a whole other language than the one I know.

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Queen's English


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Silly person, I meant Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms.

I'm so on-topic today - I'm being misconstrued all over the place.

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Some topics are a little easier to identify with than others.

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The Politics of Desparaging:

Osa-bama looked angrily at the clock on the wall, as his stomach
growled. “Hunger most unpleasant.” he muttered while trying to
decipher the time difference in his country. His fellow bodyguard
BamBam struggled to stay awake as their boss Bam-osa-bamama’s
anger built.

George ambled down the hall and through the doorway singing,
. “Eeeeeeeechakakallakah Eeeeeeeeechak-
. chakakallakah Eeeee-Eeeee-Eeeee, which
. in arab means - Go Clyde”.

By the looks on the Arabs’ faces George had to wonder if that was
really what it meant.

“I am spoken to such as now, by no man!” Thundered Bam-osa-
bamama. “There will be no peace in the Middle-East.”

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Anybody catch the Ray Stevens streak there?

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Check before you post!