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December 12, 2006


It blew my mind more than a bit back when I first learned that Dr. Seuss did War Propaganda Cartoons.

So for today's theme, write some unexpected or improbable propaganda.

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Tanya: Untitled

We face the enemy of the people, in this war.

He is a liar and a foreigner, hiding behind false faces and insincere promises. What do you know about his past? Nothing! Does he have dirty secrets? Surely!

He’s recruiting children in this battle, constituting child abuse, and has even brought innocent animals and the handicapped into the fray. Shameful!

Have faith in the leader who has cared for you all your lives. She and her simian army will defend you as they always have.

She will vanquish the emerald invader, with your help.

Defeat the Wizard. Buy War Bonds.

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Jeff R.:Take Two

Millions dead and displaced in two world wars?

We Can Do Better.

A Constitution with unsustainable and unjustifiable compromises on the issue of slavery?

We Can Do Better.

Global colonization and oppression of countless indigenous peoples? Squandering of limited natural resources and destruction of the environment? Vast stores of biodiversity lost to mindlessly wasteful mass extinction events?

We Can Do Better.

Just say 'No!" to the Real Time Initiative and their fear-mongering about the so-called integrity of the spacetime continuum. History is broken. Now that the technology for time-travel has finally arrived, don't let THEM stop us from fixing it.

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Ted: See ya real soon!

First, they brought my neighbor a cat. I didn't care though, it didn't live in my house.

Then, they took my neighbor's cheese. This didn't bother me either, I knew how to find food elsewhere.

Then they came with the traps and the poison baits. I was smart enough to avoid peril, but my innocent family was unaware.

I found them one morning, cold. They looked peaceful in death.

There can be no peace. How could I let my wife and my children go unavenged?

My name is Mickey, and I say RISE UP, my rodent brethren! Join my Mouseketeers!

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David: Creepiest. PSA. Ever.

Hi, I’m Satan.

At this time of year, western civilization is positively atwitter in anticipation of the upcoming midwinter festivities. Hey, I don’t blame you. The idea that people can love one another unconditionally and give unselfishly of themselves is powerful. It’s only right that you should chase your bliss.

I know what you’re thinking. No, seriously, I do. You’re thinking I’m evil incarnate and must therefore be, as the kids say, “up to something.” Well, relax. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of the reason for the season, and what you’re up against.

Happy holidays.

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Jim: The Past Decade


Just ask yourself if life is any better today than it was ten years ago.

If you’re like most citizens, then the answer is YES!

For one thing, you have a job. Unemployment is down to the 2% that do not want meaningful work. And your goods make it to market without being taxed or blockaded by criminals.

Your children are in school. A decade ago, kids were forced to work just to make ends meet.

And it’s safe out there. We enforce our platform of Peace, Law, and Order!

It’s truly been a great decade!

Your Emperor,


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