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November 8, 2006


What will you do now that you wouldn't do before?

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Having a CD out changes your outlook on life...yessiree. Suddenly your music is out there for all to listen. There are people getting your CD and shoving it in the CD player. Unwrapping the packaging and looking it over before settling down for a listen.

You are not there to schmoze them or perform for em' live. Its just the music coming out of the speakers to entertain them.

You sit awaiting the emails and the reviews from the punters telling you what they think of what you put your blood sweat and tears into.

Its out of you're hands.

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Ramon turned away, repulsed.

“I can’t eat this.”

“Sure you can. It’s good like this.”

“It’s still bleeding.”

“Blood is good.” Hector began to drool, slightly.

“Blood is disgusting. Momma never put any meat on the table that wasn’t an even gray-brown all the way through. It’s not safe to eat food that bleeds. You’ll catch a disease.”

“We’re already diseased,” Hector said, vigorously scratching his scalp.

“You know what I mean.”

“You have to get over this. And soon.”

Ramon kicked a rock, ricocheting it off the struggling nun’s head. She grunted.

“Fine,” he sighed. “Let me in there.”

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