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November 8, 2006


What will you do now that you wouldn't do before?

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Jim: The Day Everything Changed

“This is just wrong!” My face squeezed with revulsion. “No way!”

The corners of Tim’s mouth twitched into a cruel sneer. “I thought you said you wanted to be in the club.”

“Yeah,” Chris jeered from his usual spot behind Tim.

“So,” Tim continued. “Are you in or out?”

“Is this the only way?” I pleaded.

Tim crossed his arms and grinned. “The only way,” he replied.

I swallowed hard and, with arms held stiffly at my sides, trudged into the dark closet where Sally waited with pursed lips.

You shouldn’t have to get cooties just to join a club!

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David: Never Tell Me The Odds

“Hey, Honey, let’s go dancing.”

“Dancing? Charles, you hate dancing. Do you even know how?”

Charles flashed back to the car accident, his legs crushed within twisted metal. The pitying looks of the nurses when they thought he wasn’t looking. The weeks in traction, months in a wheelchair. The agony of physical therapy.

They said it would be a miracle if he ever walked again, even on crutches. They said it would take an act of God to end the pain. They suggested amputation as the easy way out.

He kneaded the carpet with his toes. “I’ll figure it out.”

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Ted: Learning to Jump at River Falls: A semi-true         story

You know I can't do that. I'll just watch.

I know, and I swore I'd never do this again. I learned my lesson from last time.

Do you know how hard I've tried? You are asking too much from me.

OK, I give. I'll do it. You didn't have to call me that.

Yes, I'm sure.

Just make sure that the rope doesn't break this time.

What do you mean, no rope?

How else am I supposed to do it?

Youv'e gotta be kidding me?



OK, here goes:


I made it! Holy shit! Let's do it again!

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