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November 1, 2006


November first is the Día de los Muertos. Tell us about the bones.

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I went to see a death metal band recently called Mort Noir.

I was impressed by the drummer as he pounded away at his skins, in tandem with his frantic blast-beats.

Backstage at the gig I cornered the bloke to ask him about his technique. He was only too pleased to tell me.

"Hey man I get heavy sounds hitting the skins with these two leg bones I got from a graveyard in Poland."

"You're shitting me?" I paused."

"I got this guy who provides them for me. Tells me they are adult male leg bones."

"The skins..." I asked.

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Hocus Pocus Politics:

“I say we pass a law, - make it legal” bellowed the mayor.
“It’ll be good for tourism, - put Salem on the map.” He squared
his shoulders and settled slowly into the head chair.

“I say it’ll give Salem a bad name, run people off”, spouted the
clergyman. “It hasn’t been that long since the hunts, you can’t legalize
the practice now.”

“Must we argue about this every meeting”, interrupted a council
member, “Randy could we trouble you for an opinion on this?”

Randy leaned forward in her chair, closed her eyes and began
kneading her bag of bones.

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There’s a chill and an ache and a disturbing, unreachable itch.

There’s a summoning from the darkness and a fleeing from the past.

There are dead gods and spider-webs; Deep burns and ashy remains.

In the bones lie the stories of beginnings and endings and circuitous travels.

In the bones hide the secrets and mysteries of the word and the blood.

In the bones we live and grow; Always-already alive and dead.

They creak and twist; they bend and break.

They support and deny; they flavor and hide.

When all is said and done, they are what make us whole.

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“Hey, Crane. Is Max coming tonight?”

“Nah, he said something about a toothache – he’s staying home with Mandi.”

“Tibia and Fibula said they’d be here later, but bad news – they’re bringing Pati.”

“Geez, can’t they ever go anywhere without her?”

“Tell me about it. Hey, you wanna catch the game tomorrow? I’m going to Thor’s.”

“That guy’s cracked. The only reason you put up with him is his TV.”

“He’s easy to handle compared to his roommates. Humerus thinks he’s Robin freaking Williams, and Coccyx is impossible. When he gets bent out of shape, he’s a real pain in the…”

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