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October 31, 2006


It's Halloween!

In the spirit of the season, write--

A love story.

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Tanya: Girls Who Wear Glasses

The young couple lounged in the abandoned basement, finally alone. They gazed longingly at each other, and whispered words of love. “Your eyes are like stagnant pools, my love. Your lips are like…”

“Yes, my darling?”

“Like sated leeches. Your skin is like a peach. A peach that’s been forgotten in the crisper for six weeks. And your hair is like… like that seaweed that washes up on the beach in late summer, and smells like a fetid sewer.”

She swooned, happily.

“But you know I don’t simply love you for your looks, beloved. I love you for your BRAAAAAAINS.

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David: The Things We Do

The ghost has lived in the house with me since I was a child. Her name is Emma. Whenever I lost someone, she would come to me and comfort me. When I was a teenager, I contemplated suicide so I could be with her. She told me how much her having a connection to a living soul meant to her. I stayed alive for her. When my parents burned to death, she gathered them up and escorted them to the place beyond death, for my sake.

Shh, don’t struggle. I’ll make it quick. I’ll make her come back to me.

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