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October 18, 2006


Former Chicago Bears player and coach Mike Ditka turns 67 today. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears are currently 6-0.

Today's topic is undefeated.

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Tanya: Refugee

“Don’t walk if you can ride in a jeep, men. A tired soldier is a dead soldier. And don’t waste your energy digging foxholes. The Krauts are on the run, so use theirs.”

The words rang in Tom’s head as he crawled across the battlefield behind the slowly retreating Germans. Escaping to the 20th century had been his only option, but he now wondered if he hadn't gone from the frying pan into the quantum heating apparatus. Trying to recall from his ancient history lessons what little he knew about this “Georgie” fellow, he slipped feet-first into the next hole.

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David: Ellipses Don't Count, Right?

“Hi, how are you doing?”


“So, live around here much?”


“Nice footbridge you’ve got there. You must be very proud.”


“Well, nice meeting you. If you’ll excuse me—“

“None shall pass!”

“Oh, you do talk. ‘None shall pass,’ huh? What if I try?”

“You will die.”

“Of course I will. Is that a fulfilling career choice? Killing people trying to cross a bridge in the middle of nowhere?”

“It is my sacred duty.”

“Been at it long?”


“Wow. Anyone ever get past you?”

“The Black Knight always triumphs!”

“You don’t say. So, what’s so important up the road anyway?”


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Ted: 300

The hot place indeed. One million Persians coming, the rest of the Greek states pulling back their armies. Athens to be destroyed and the first seat of true democracy and civilization to be wiped from the earth.

Sparta had bred her men for just such an ordeal. They were the last hope in the known world.

"Then we shall fight in the shade," the commander said, knowing his men would all die eventually.

Duty held him there. Pride too, perhaps.

These men died to the last, but they were NOT defeated.

Athens burned, but the refugees rebuilt, and remembered them.

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Jim: Homecoming

The massive bonfire roared, creating the bass upon which the cheers of merry-makers were the melody. Orange flames reflected off the lowering clouds and onto the joyous throng.

“Dude!” a bronzed young man said. “Wasn’t today awesome!”

“Best day ever!” agreed another, raising a foaming cup. “And the brew rocks!”

“Fifteen and O,” interjected a third. “We’re totally undefeated!”

“I wish this season could have lasted forever,” the first youth sighed.

“There’s always next season!” the Captain said while walking by. “But for now, drink up, boys!”

The second youth nodded. “Tomorrow we start the long ride back to Mongolia!”

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