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October 12, 2006


Today's theme needs to include the following words:




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David: Shangri-Wha?

People told me I was daft to try to ascend the Mountain of the Blue Men. They took great pleasure in regaling me with myths and legends about these mysterious blue-skinned humanoids living in the upper reaches of the range. “Nonsense!” I told them, and that’s what I believed.

After three days the sherpas abandoned me. Superstitious cowards. Two days later my radio dropped down a crevasse. The next evening, I noticed a silhouette, someone standing on a ridge, watching me. By morning, I was surrounded. They didn’t approach or interfere, just observed as I continued on my azure-peopled climb.

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Michele: Cut Scene

“Climb every mountain........”

Oh Jesus H. Who told her she could sing? I swear to christ if I have to sit through one more audition I’m gonna go on a killing spree. I didn’t sign up to be the fucking school play director. I’m a high school math teacher, not a miracle worker.

“I wrote my own monologue.”

Well whoopdiefuckingdo for you, missy.

“The azure meadow was peopled with flowers.....”

Oh for fuck’s sake. Bad actress. Worse writer. I’d sell my fucking soul to get out of this.

“My audition piece is from the movie Showgirls.”

I love my job.

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Jim: The Grate Escape

“When were you planning on leaving here, Fred?” asked the green-headed duck.

I shrugged. “I guess when they say I’m better.”

“Look around you, Fred.” The green-headed duck pointed with his wing. “This place is peopled with psychotics. Do you think you’ll get better here?”

“Umm, I suppose not.”

“Then let’s go!” he declared.

The top of the high fence looked formidable framed against the azure sky. I knew I could not climb over.

Instead, I wiggled my way to freedom through a filthy storm drain.

The green-headed duck flew over the fence and met me at the other end.

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Ted: The New Gods, Part Ten

Niko's azure visage occluded the view of the others gathered. He had projected himself far into the past to attend this august assembly, for he was to testify.

The court was peopled by only by Masters. No cameras would record this, the only record kept would be oral: songs for the ears of initiates.

He began his climb to the Chair alone, but was joined by thousands of other projections of himself: all from different eras, all tasked to speak for the Defense.

He, along with his Host, spoke: "I Speak with true knowledge of my own Death to come."

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Stacy: Movie Trailer Script

In a world, peopled by starving mutants, could one woman find her way home?

(cue orchestra music)

From the geniuses at Stupid Expensive Films, comes the latest in a long line of stupid and expensive films...

(pause music here, but have the trumpets blaring or something, yadda yadda)


(ok, really kick up the music here for the montage, big horns, strings...yanno Armageddon, only bigger)

(montage here. she’s fighting a three-headed bear, battling a fire-breathing fish, all those notes Joel already sent you)

In a world gone mad…can she climb to the top?

(fade to black)

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