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January 12, 2006

January 12, 2006

You are far from home and find a pile of rocks.

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Picking my way across the landscape, I tripped and fell on my face.

Cursing, I picked myself up and looked around at what I’d fallen over.

Strangely enough, there was a large pile of rocks. Unaccustomed to seeing anything remotely resembling landscape features, I began to move aside the rocks to determine what was buried underneath.

Encumbered by the bulky suit, it took far longer than I thought to move enough rocks to discover the hidden treasure. To my horror, buried in the rocks was the reflective visor of the twin to helmet that protected me from this hostile environment.

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Worker paused in the grim mountain's shadow and looked back. His home, that glorious, shining hill, that splendid, warm labyrinth which his brothers had built, stone by stone, now seemed so tiny. He wondered if his absence would be noticed - but no, of course it would not.

Worker scaled the mountain, resolving to die at the summit. When he reached it, he looked around, and in his final moments became aware of an incredible symmetry: the mountain itself was a shining hill, inhabited by giant toilers much like himself, only magnified.

What a marvelous perspective! he thought as he died.

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“I don’t need this”, he said to his partner. He ran his hands through his long, greasy hair. “I was once a great warrior. Requested by the empress herself. I traveled farther than you can imagine to save the universe from being destroyed. I fought with G’mork. G’mork!! Do you know who that is? Big fucking wolf, that’s who. And now look what I’m doing. Stable duty for the goddamn rock biters. If I had known this was where my life was heading, I’d have let the whole fucking world die.”

Atreyu sighed, grabbed his pickaxe, and went to work.

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