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January 11, 2006

January 11, 2006

The ground is shaking....

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Jim: Culture Clash

The ground began shaking last year. Soon after that, the scientists arrived with their equipment.

They kept themselves apart from the village, preferring to live in their own tents rather than enjoy the hospitality we offered. We weren’t really offended, though. It’s not as if we understood much of what they said, with their phrases such as “magma incursion” and “harmonic vibrations” in almost every sentence.

It would have been nice to know what all those words meant but we never had time to find out. After all, we needed to sacrifice them to the Holy Summit of Burning Rock.

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Ted: The New Gods, Part Nine

The earth shook. The sky screamed. The seas boiled. The Change had come to this globe.

Janruk beheld the chaos around around him, and smiled.

The remaking of an entire world was his dearest duty and pleasure. He contemplated the planet's core, and adjusted it's density. The globe shrank. He beheld the seas, and raised or lowered the land to enlarge and deepen them. He breathed in the atmosphere, and cleansed it of the poisons he found.

The waste he spat into the sky to form a moon.

Janruk, The Change, had come. We dedicate this world to his name.

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Good Vibrations

The pictures fall from the wall, the frames crashing into shards. The dresser drawers jiggle open and fall one after another, spilling their contents onto the floor, clothes falling everywhere. The lampshade over my bed lurches and swings violently until finally the bulb cracks and the room is plunged into darkness and all the while I lie spread-eagled on the bed as it bucks and thrashes around like a wild bronco.

I ride it out until the vibrations subside, gasping and panting on the bed. Sheesh, when they sold me this Jackrabbit Jackhammer they weren’t kidding about an earth-shattering experience!

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