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January 23, 2006

January 23, 2006

Tell a tale using the word tail.

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Jim: Brokeskull Mountain

From their hiding places in the low mesquite scrub, grasshoppers rasped a ragged chorus of annoyance at the sweltering midday sun. Nothing moved in the oppressive heat, not even the three hundred fifty steers we were driving to the Abilene stockyards. But I had to watch them anyway.

Slim limped up behind me, rivulets of sweat slicing through the blood and dust caked on his face.

“What happened to you, Slim?”

“Well, sir,” he drawled. “You know how they say you’re safe if you hold a tiger by the tail?”

“I reckon.”

“That trick don’t work with horses,” he grunted.

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Ted: A Tale of Tail

Suzi sat next at the end of the bar. She needed a ride home. I wondered what kept bringing her to places like this. I didn't walk directly to her though. I wanted to survey the bar. The barkeep waved me over. "If you wanna get a little tail tonight, just offer Suzi a ride home. She will fuck anyone who gives her a lift."

I walked up to Suzi, offered her a ride home, took her home, and fucked the shit out of her.

I returned to the bar, and shot the bartender for talking bad about my sister.

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