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November 12, 2005

Volume 8, Issue 12

I wrote this theme two days ago, hoping one of our regulars would post it Saturday morning since I had to attend a soccer game. It has been proposed that we just post one theme on weekends, especially since even our regulars don't always check in on one or more of the weekend days. With that in mind, the theme for both today and Sunday is:

Once upon a time, a little girl left her favorite toy at the park...

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Ted: Lost Turtle

"Oh, no, she's lost! LOST! We have to try to find her! She can't be out there by herself!"

"Calm down, honey. Just calm down. Where did you see her last?"

"We were playing right here in the sand. Now I can't see her anywhere?"

"Is she buried?"

"Of course not, she's way too big for that."

"Did someone else take her?"

"I didn't see anyone else."

"Did you leave at any time? Go back into your shell for something?"

"Well, she did stuff me in once or twice. But my spring is broken so my head keeps popping out."

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