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November 11, 2005

Volume 8, Issue 11

Today is the first anniversary of a certain famous terrorist's death.

The theme for the day is anniversary.

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Ted: Civilization

The world waited. It was coming around, just as prophecy had predicted. The heavens were in alignment, the seas were in turmoil, and the earth itself was rumbling in anticipation. The calendars had piloted to this moment for millenia, the future history of the people carved in stone. Fire roared down from the sky, right on schedule, just as it had since time began. The priests had held nine thousand men and women apart, to repopulate the world after the heavens cleansed it.

Around the globe, millions watched on flatscreens or raced to meet doom in thier aircars.

Happy Anniversary.

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The Eschatologist: A Differential Disagreement

Gottfried burned with anger. He crumpled Issac's latest letter. That bastard would not get the satisfaction! He raged about the small room, kicking at his desk and scattering research notes to the floor.

He uncrumpled the letter. Breathe in, breathe out.

Thirty four years. That was a long time to be angry.

Fuck him, he thought, and tore the letter to shreds.

"History will vindicate me, and not him!" Gottfried sat down and checked his notes again - November 11, 1675. He was first!

Fuck Newton and his stupid apple.

Once more, with passion, he scribbled out y= f(x).


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