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October 27, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 27

Scientists are saying that soon humans can live to be a thousand years old due to advances in medical science. More importantly, that aging could be reversed and people would be young and healthy for that whole time.

What happens then?

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D: Fiat Voluntas Tua

Those who could afford the longevity treatments didn’t last long against the endless human waves of those who couldn’t. In their desperation to unlock an affordable way of prolonging life the unwashed masses left desolation and destruction in their wake like bipedal locusts. Laboratories were consumed and research data perverted into cheap and dirty genetic meat-hacks.

The remaining elite abandoned Earth to the demonic hordes that hacked and bludgeoned their way to supposed immortality but not without the parting gift of nuclear irradiation.

Within less than four generations the surviving mutant offspring left Earth in hot pursuit across the stars.

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Ted: 3049

Humans had lost fear of death over a millennium ago. Humans began expanding beyond Earth within fifty years. Within 200, humanity reached for the stars. Experimental science for it's own sake had broken down the walls of ignorance that had bound this race for eons, and paid dividends on a quantum scale.

True love, where all involved actually spent time together, learned the mind and soul and heart of each other, flourished in this new universe. Families and hearts and joy grew.

People had time to learn art, science, history, and self-reliance.

When the invasion came, the humans were prepared.

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