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October 10, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 10

You receive an unmarked DVD in a brown envelope with no return address. Slipping it into your player you push play. The screen flickers to life and you see...

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D: The Horror

I fell backwards into the coffee table, my hand covering my mouth. How could anyone be so utterly inhuman? I stumbled across the lounge, steadying myself on the couch as I rushed into the kitchen to grab my wife.

“Look! Look! Can you see that?! Who would do such a thing?”

She peered round the doorway and was astonished, aghast, horrified. She turned away from the screen with tears in her eyes and damned me for making her look at the flickering images.

“Whoever is sending you these Celine Dion music videos” she said “has to be found and killed.”

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Ted: Ransom Note

The face on the screen kept talking, but Jim couldn't hear the words. Seconds before, he had seen his wife and daughter on the screen, tied together in chairs, and blindfolded. When "The Face" came on, and Jim lip-read "we have your family", he was dumbstruck. Rousing himself, he jammed the menu button and began looking for the outtakes, the bonus features, anything that would give him more information. Hidden in the shell of menus, he found it. Stephanie had convinced the kidnappers to let her use sign language. Jim came to the warehouse that night and rescued his girls.

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