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September 9, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 9

Today's theme is a picture:

What's going on here?

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“It really itches!” exclaimed Robert. “How did it get so bad?”

“Stop squirming and take it like a man!” said Shelia. “They are almost out.”

“What did you say these things were?” asked Carla.

“Mountain lice. You should have asked before climbing up here. I would have recommended you wear a hat.” said Shelia.

“But you aren’t wearing a hat. What keeps them off of you?” asked Robert.

“That’s my little secret.” said Shelia.

“We have to know” said Robert. “I don’t want to have this every time I go climbing.”

“Well, if you absolutely must know. I’m their mother.”

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Ain't this great Vinney? Fine lookin' women, outstanding scenery, and they wait on us hand and foot. Yeah Butch, it's great we found this place. Last night was incredible. I think we should never go home. Just think, unlimited sex, broads to serve us day and night, just live the life of Riley for the rest of our lives. This is heaven. Sara and Honey simply smiled and continued their grooming. These two would do nicely. After a few weeks of getting the sex they desire, as well as their sisters, and making sure that their new guests were properly plumped, finally it would be the new moon. Yes, with some fava beans, these two would do nicely.

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Taylor watched the people clad in primitive apparel scampering up and down the beachside cliff as they foraged. Pairs engaged in mutual grooming, eating what they found.

Ahead a rock jutted up at an angle. As he approached, it resolved into a massive head crowned with rays. What he had first taken as some barren tree next to it was now recognizable as a giant hand thrusting from the sand, tightly clenching a torch. The implications dawned upon him. A cry was forced from his lips:


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Susan and Tina (who still spelled her name 'Tynna', had ever since fifth grade) Morgan still thought of the experience as an extended campout, with occasional dramatic attacks by wild Indians and bears. Melissa Morgan viewed it as a chance to get closer to John Senior Junior, who was definately interested but still more than a little weirded out by the whole cousins thing even though it was only through their great-great-grandmother that they were actually related.

They, apart from Tina, wound up being the first fatalities of the timelost reunion when the Sabertoothed cat emerged hungrily from its cave.

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