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September 8, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 8

You are in the fourteenth century when a UFO is spotted. What happens next?

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Ted: Prophylaxis

Screaming for the guards to open the gates, he ran to the keep. The confused guards opened up as soon as they realized their liege was outside the walls.

"My Lord, how did you get outside the walls? Explain, please" The captain of the guard was on the very edge of propriety demanding answers thusly, but the this night's confusion had suspended propriety.

"The lights, they spoke. Angels they were, I thought. They spoke of a plague coming soon. We must prepare. Kill every rat, burn the bodies, stop all travellers from the East. This shall not get past Constantinople!'

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Michele: The Credulist's Tale

Once upon a time there dwelt in a town
A man of feeble mind
Who oftentimes recounted tales
Derived of delirium and lack of prayer
He told of seeing such things as could not exist
Appearances of objects of a circular nature
Amidst the stars and the devil-moon
And the townsfolk laughed heartily toward him
And his noon-time incantations of fear
Until that day the circular objects did indeed appear in the sky
“Ye shall rue the day you laughed at me!” he shouted
And he did climb upon the floating object
And the object did light aflame the whole town

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