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September 2, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 2

As requested in yesterday's comments, today's theme is pomposity.

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The church was enormous, thought young Tim - much, much bigger than the auditorium of the elementary school, where his own upstart Presbyterian branch held worship.

He felt a little alienated by the priests, the dimness of light, the stained glass, the kneeling bar that folded out of the pew in front of him.

Latin was spoken. Censer's were carried. The host was served.

"This is the most pompous thing," said Tim to his father.

"What? Son, they aren't jerks, this is just how they - "

"No, pompous can also mean very ceremonious."

"Oh," said Tim's father. "Makes them comfortable, I suppose."

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Well played.

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Could you guys please check the 100 words gmail account if you haven't already?

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As he stood on the balcony and observed his domain his heart swelled with pride. This, this is my city!, he though to himself. Only I can decide the direction we will take. I hold the lives and minds of thousands between my sweaty fingers. Shall they stay? shall they leave? Shall I feed them? It is all up to me, Pompa, the king. Yes, this is truely Pompa's city.

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Pope Papadapoulos the Portly stood at the window of his basilica, surveying his domain, reflecting on his life’s work. He was pleased.

Singlehandedly, he had effected what had been thought impossible: the healing of the Great Schism. Now, Greek, Roman, and Russian churches all obeyed a single authority, kissed a single ring. His ring.

With the elaborate ceremonies that were to mark the historic relocation of the Holy See from Rome to Buenos Aires about to begin, the Holy Cheerleaders were in position, clutching their pompons.

Papadapoulos strode forth. It was time to deliver the first Bull of the Pampas.

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Pomposity Jones could've been a legendary gunfighter had he lived longer. He was certainly the best-dressed and most well-spoken man of arms in an era filled with well-dressed and loquatious men. He wasn't, though, any kind of good shot.

Pomposity once shot a man for lying next to a man who snored.

He once was in a gunfight with Billy the Kid. Billy's gun stuck in his holster, so Pomposity shot first, the bullet whizzing over Billy's head. Billy shot into the air too, and said he considered the matter settled.

Pomposity died two weeks later, choking on some jerky.

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