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September 1, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 1

Choose a movie quote, any quote, and use it in your 100 words today.

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Ted: You got the Bonus Plan (1)(a)

So. Now what? I could have sworn last night that this chick looked a lot hotter. Maybe I can just eaaaaaaase out of bed and not disturb her. Shit! She's rolling over. Hey now, niiiiice rack. Damn, now I know why I hooked up with this one. I wonder if I can get the sheet the rest of the way down without her waking up. Slowly, slowly. Shit! Moving again. Gotdam what an ass! With an ass and rack like she got, who cares about the face. Gotta see the snatch, baby. A liiiiiiitttle tickle to make you squirm. DIIIIIIIICK!

(1) The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

(a) Because I think I'm the only one who could actually quote any part of that movie.

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