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September 22, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 22

We've all seen them, subdivisions called "Happy Acres", "Sunlight Trail", "Hunters Grove", etc. ad nauseum. But when you actually drive by, you see neither a trail, nor a grove, nor any happy acre hunters.

So, what is your imaginary subdivision called, and exactly how did it get it's name?

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Ted: Happy Trails

This site used to be a commune. They used to grow their own food, raised chickens and ducks, believed in free love, and only used rain water; but never to bathe in let me tell ya'. The last one here was a hairy older woman who dressed up and wore a nice sun dress on closing day. But she still didn't shave. You could see her leg and pit hair. Great negotiator though. Said she would only sell if we named the place "Happy Trails" in memory of all the great rides. I didn't even know they had any horses.

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