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September 21, 2005

Volume 6, Issue 21


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D: M'aidez!

Shit, that was the starboard vortex drive stabilizer. Gotta peel left and shake this Gruk battle cruiser from my tail. Great, this thing now handles like a doped-up manatee swimming through tar. Gotta break their missile lock, dump a load of chaff and barrel-roll over towards that nebula there in the confusion.

Finally got me some thinking space. Auto-repair is working but ammo and juice are low and that cruiser’s still out there. No way do I have enough on the racks to take that mother out. Shit, if only the stabilizer hadn't blown up I could still have escaped.

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Ted: Not Big

The scientists gathered around, huddled almost, as the implications of the discovery sank into their bones.

"Jones, are you serious?" The lead scientist asked, incredulous.

"Yes, sir. Absolute zero."

"How is being maintained?" squeaked another.

"That part I am not really sure of. I am only sure how I got there. I don't know why it is staying there. The fridge isn't even powered up!"

The unit began to creak, then moan. "Jones, what's happening?"

Looking through his scope Jones replied "Evacuate the building now! The mass is shrinking! Going critical!"

The new universe began with a little bitty bang.

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