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August 7, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 7

Although with our general absence of posting one might think so, fret not, lil'chirrens, these aren't the last words of 100 Words.

However, today's theme is "getting in the last word."

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"Nobody to carry the torch, no reason to light it," said Lester, closing the album. "It's time, kid."

I approached the hospital bed. "You know, I was a big name, back in the day. The label loved me, I was a top-drawer in the 20-30 crowd. Never dreamed I'd be the last hip-hop artist alive. Never dreamed I'd lose the rhythm. Never dreamed the movement'd get killed by drugs and the PoPo."

"There'll always be people creating, Lester. Twenty years from now, some kid'll discover it all over again. Shit happens that way."

"Word," said Lester, and he was still.

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The temperature was 117 and the wind was blowing 30 kts. Dust in my ears, nose and eyes. Teeth gritty. My neck raw from the body armor rubbing on the sand.
Soldiers emerging from in and around vehicles , raising clouds of dust cleaning themselves off . Goggles removed left raccoon eyes . Water running out of mouths left riverlets of mud , looking like bizarre Fu-Manchu mustaches.
The unit mounted and started the slow drive north .

Every day was the same, every day different . Depending on what we ran into, a person's first words of the day could be the last word.

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Sally yelled. She kept yelling and yelling. It was as if she'd never stop. She said I did not do any laundry, never helped with dishes, never vacuumed. She said a number of things I did wrong. I reminded her that I dusted, mopped, swept, took out the garbage. She yelled more. I couldn't say anything else because every time I did she accused me of getting in the last word. I finally left. When I came back, I gave her a lovely gift I found at the store. I told her that the gift could be the last word.

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hey, Ted, you really that cool? I like your style. Are you for real?

Posted by: C.Mart at August 8, 2005 1:52 PM · Permalink

Check before you post!