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August 7, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 7

Although with our general absence of posting one might think so, fret not, lil'chirrens, these aren't the last words of 100 Words.

However, today's theme is "getting in the last word."

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Ted: Finally

So, all of this started when somebody said "let there be light."


So then what? Light and water and earth and birds and fishes and beasts and finally man and his dominion.

Sounds like an acid trip.

So now, here at the fucking heat death of the universe, there are just two things left alive, me and you. And you don't count because I'm not even sure you are real.

So, what now?

Do I kill you first to find out if you are real, or do I kill myself hoping you will die when I stop imagining you?

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