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August 28, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 28

The theme for today is the word tooth.

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Ralph is on vacation in Ireland. He's in a pub when this little guy in a green suit walks in.

The little guy goes to Ralph and says, " I’m Sean . Let me have ma way with you and I'll give you me pot of gold."

Ralph thinks, “ Nobody knows me and it can’t hurt, he's so small"

Sean gets on the barstool, Ralph drops trow and bends over. Sean pokes his member in and it’s huge !!

Ralph, in pain, says “How much gold is there ?”

“ Ah, Boyo, aren’t ya a bit long in the tooth to be believing in Leprechauns ?”

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"Lost a tooth," said Emily.

"Give it here," cried Grandma. "We'll feed it to the mice tonight, so you'll grow a strong, sharp replacement tooth, and be industrious about its use."

Emily passed the tooth to Grandma, who gave it to Cousin Joe. "Joseph, take it to Cleary's farm, and drop it in the hallway," Grandma said.

"A-hur-hur," said Joe. He was a little slow.

We never determined whether Joe had done it intentionally or accidentally - like I said, he was a little slow - but the next morning, Emily woke up with a nice, fat pig's tooth in her gums.

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