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August 27, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 27

I just opened up the throttle on my computer by bumping up the memory.

So tell me about speed.

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Ted: Inside Playing on a Rainy Day

With an incredible burst of speed, the dog turned and started to run. His paws skidded on the cold tile floor, the clacking of his nails and the jingling of his collar a far too bizarre dichotomy. His prey was oblivious to the sudden but inevitable attack. The dog snarled viciously as he closed with the intruder, his jaws mere inches from contact. The blind and deaf target rolled to the wall, bounced backward over the dog's head, and squeaked defiantly. Barking again, the dog circled, searching for the hard rubber ball.

"Get it boy!" laughed the young boy. "Fetch!"

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