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August 26, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 26

Whoops, I'm late! So the theme for today will, of course, be "late".

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Ah, Life is good. I have my lovely wife and two kids. The seven year old is doing well in school and is learning fast. The two year old is joy to be around.

Retirement plan on course, nice house, New car..... I love how it drives.... very comfortable at 130mph..... If you didnt look out the window you wouldn't know you were going so fast.

Gardner is mowing the lawn and the MIL is fixing Albondigas. No stress, no worries, Life is good.

Ah, the wife is just walked in from work.

"Hi Honey, How was work?"

"I'm late."

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"A toast!" McGooney roared, raising his pint. "To the late, great O'Houlihan!"

"Aye!" said the pub.

"And now we drown our sorrows in beers and ales," said the Flaherty twins simultaneously

"It's a happy time," said Mother Shaugnessy. "He's gone t'be with Jesus in the sky."

"Mother, is it proper to envy Jesus?" asked O'Meagher.

"No, it is not, Gerry O'Meagher, Jesus loves ya, and I'll thank you to keep your hands off my derriere, I'm married to him."

"More reason to envy," said O'Meagher.

"She's such a sweet colleen, eh?" said Brannigan.

"God save us Irish," said Mother Shaugnessy.

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Patrick O'Day, sportswriter for the Globe, was always borrowing from the rest of the staff. He was good for it; always paid in full on payday.

Which was today. At lunchtime, we all gathered around and compared IOUs. Jenny in features was owed $55, I had paper for $25, Jon and James, point-counterpoint columnists, each had $20 coming, and Liu, the intern, expected $8. Patrick arrived and emptied his wallet. As we counted the $127, Patrick quietly passed away from a heart attack.

At least I didn't have to work hard titling the obituary.

"O'Day: late, and a dollar short."

Posted by: Jeff R. at August 26, 2005 5:00 PM · Permalink

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