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July 24, 2005

Volume 4, Issue 24

A word, today.

rialto (re-AL-to) noun

1. A theatre district.

2. An exchange or marketplace.

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Michele: All The Small Things

Greta was able to get into the market early, before the pushing, jostling crowds burst through the doors.

She walked the perimeter, taking in the specialties of each section. Edibles, where the vendors hung their pickings over vats of steaming, spiced water, the aroma drifting through the aisles. In HomeHelpers and Pets, sellers had their products out already, making sure they were ready to go. Greta marveled at the pickings; she’d never seen such a better lot of wares.

Finally, the opening announcement: “Welcome to the Annual WitchCove Children Market!”

If only the children didn’t cry so much, Greta thought.

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Ted: Working the Circuit

The comic had played all the big venues. Peakskills, Atlantic City, Poconos, even Vegas. He spent a couple months each spring working on new routines. He would try them out in the Peakskillls first, of course. If he died, he would just tweak the act until it killed, then start out on the road. Town after town, all over the Steel Belt first. Summers up on Lake Erie, autumns in the casinos, winters in the Poconos, then back home. He always played The Rialto for New Year's.

For twenty six years he made a fine living. Then the Rialto burned.

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Stacy: Conversation About Nothing


"That's right."

"Isn't that some sort of rope?"


"Yeah, cowboys use it, they lasso their cows with it."

"I think they call them cattle. Cows give milk, generally don't need lassoing."

"Whatever. So it's a rope, right?"

"You're thinking of 'lariat', not 'rialto'. A lariat is a rope, a rialto is a marketplace."

“So we’re going to a marketplace?”

“Yes, why not?”

“No reason, I just thought that we were going to rope cows.”


“Cattle, whatever.”

“So, we’ve flown thousands of miles here to beautiful Venice, Italy, and you thought today we’d go rope cows?”



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