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July 25, 2005

Volume 4, Issue 25

What do you suppose is going on here?

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The Eschatologist: Terms of Financing

The market reverberated with the sounds of fishmongers and peddlers. Smells assaulted their senses. Smoke saturated the air, mixing with frying meats, carp innards and perspiration in the crowded street. Two men shoved their way through.

"Oyabun-san bade us pick the best candidate and that's what we're going to do. Got it?"

A fat, sweaty balding man in sickly yellow robes waved them over and they plunged down a hidden stair behind an apple cart. A girl stood in the basement, smiling stupidly.

"The drugs." The fat man shrugged. "On sale for 300000 Yen."

"By best, Oyabun-san meant cheapest, right?"

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Stacy: Shopping

"I'm the Holmes ZX4000," she said haughtily. "I'm the single most expensive construct available on the market today. I'm highly intelligent, flexible, and extensible. I am not the everyday sort of construct, and will not do well at menial chores. I am for special occasions, social events, and important dinners.”

She paused for breath and I checked her price tag. Eleven million, eh? And I bet she didn’t even give head.

She started to speak again, then paused, staring at her hands. “Sale?” she whispered, outraged. “I’m ON SALE?!?”

I checked the tag again. 3.2 million, eh? I’ll take two.

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Ted: No Sale

She looked at her hands.

"This is a sign," she thought as she began walking back.

The gallery was still open, even at that hour. Not much stayed open late in that neighborhood. Most had places to go that were definitely not here.

The owner recognized her immediately. He leapt to her side.

"You've decided?"

"Yes. I absolutely love the piece. Why has it gone on sale?"

"Well dearie, the artist recovered and won't be dying any time soon after all."

"That puts a new light on things. I have your glove number. Don't flash me, I'll flash you."

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Michele: Future's So Bright

“The light reveals all. I wave magic light on your palms, I see word, I tell your fortune.”

Madame Fukudaya smiled pushed her cup toward the edge of the table and waited.. The three girls dropped coins in the cup and Madame began.

“Do not be alarmed. Words mean things. I tell you what they mean. Ok?” The girls nodded and the teller waved the beam over the first girl’s upturned hands.

Glory. You are destined for good things. Next.”

Gold. destined for riches. Next.”

Sale. You are destined to be whore. See me at 18. I have job for you.”

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