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July 23, 2005

Volume 4, Issue 23

Today's theme is a supernaturally useless, yet creatively useful, character Tarot reading.

Click on the link above and then incorporate cards ten, eleven, and twelve into your 100 words. To find out what the cards mean, hold your mouse over each.

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Michele: Carry On, My Wayward Son

“Introducing, the future betrothed of Emperor Augustus!” The curtain parted, causing mummers of anticipation to rise up; weeks of speculation brought the villagers to a fever pitch.

“.....Joseph, my loyal footservant. We’ve been together secretly for six years and I intend to make him my, err....Queen.”

Gasp, screams, even some fainting ensued. Augustus stoically carried on.

“Before you pass judgment, you should know that Wizard Marcotte has cast an enchantment. Anyone who begrudges our happiness aloud will find a dark secret of theirs printed on the front page of the Herald.”

And the villagers prepared for the joyous marriage.

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Stacy: Misery, Loss, Secrets

She sobbed uncontrollably, feeling as if her heart was tearing from her body. They lowered the casket into the ground and she tore herself from their grasp, sprawling at the side of the grave, tears falling in time with the drizzling rain.

The minister's voice droned on and on, and she felt hands tugging at her, trying to draw her backwards. She dug her fingers into the mud, watched the casket sink out of view, cursing those who put him there.

She allowed them to stand her up, clean her hands. She nodded at their words, and planned her revenge.

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