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June 5, 2005

Michele: Frappaccino, Rappaccino, Al Pacino

Jon walked into Kofehaus expecting to feed his caffeine withdrawal.

A goateed man with an affected scowl and a badge that read Barista was helping a confused woman.

"Do you want caramel? Vanilla? Steamed milk with cinnamon?" Barista took a breath and exhaled more choices “Almondcherrytoastedpecanroastdecafsupercafgetyourbuzzoncaff?”

She blinked.

Jon poked the woman. "Do you want coffee or a three course fucking dessert?" He barked at Barista, “Black, no sugar. Make sure it’s not some free range coffee bean crap.”

Barista balked. "How uncivilized!"

Enough. Jon pulled out his gun and shot the guy right in the goatee.

"No, that’s uncivilized."

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I stole the title from Denis Leary.

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