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May 23, 2005

Ted: Marcella's Diner

"No, that's just the base of a soup, you have to add other flavors!"

I remembered having that conversation with her ten years ago. I wondered why she had gotten so angry so fast. Her boss was working her too hard.

So when she showed up on my doorstep with bricks of hundred dollar bills and said she needed something better to do with her life, it seemed like something perfect.

Open a little diner, fresh soup every day, fresh pie at lunch time.

Now here I am, ducked down behind a bulletproof counter, wondering who the hell Boudroux is.

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Two words shy, Ted!


Posted by: andy at May 23, 2005 4:42 AM · Permalink

No one is going to name that movie?

Posted by: Sekimori at May 23, 2005 7:50 PM · Permalink

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