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March 8, 2007

Ted: Penny Spice

After convincing Dunn that my tale was true (by showing him my 'today' self eating lunch at Ugly Sue's pub), I was able to get him to understand what would happen when Penny showed up here agitated and worried about her dad.

"So I need to get to her dad before he goes poof or whatever. But if I don't, you have to stop Penny from wrecking my neighborhood. You will be a hero who saved thousands of pounds of damage and numerous injuries."

"Fine. You win. How are you gonna rescue her daddy?"

"Easy. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme."

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April 6, 2007

Ted: Polished Pennies

You don't grow up in this town without learning something. My aunt taught me to always to be ready for trouble. But if I couldn't be ready, always have a way out. I had only managed to learn one simple spell. A Door spell. (No I won't tell you the recipe, but here are the steps.)

Seasoned herbs and the finest glass bottle I could get.
Melt three pennies: one each of silver, gold, and copper.
Mix herbs in the bottle.
Mirror bottle with molten pennies.
Polish the mirror finish.

Doors can get you out of trouble. Or straight in.

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April 19, 2007

Ted: Three Dukes for Penny

I stepped through the mirror and straight into the lab of Penny's father.

He was there. Along with three very well dressed gentlemen.

"Interesting spell, son. Came right through all my protections like they weren't there. How's it work?"

"It is a simple spell I learned at a young age. Primative compared to your art. You probably just didn't have your spells set to detect it. But I'm here for Penny's sake, sir, and it's rather important."

"These three are here for her, too. But I must say your entrance puts you way ahead in the suitor department."

"Suitor?" Shit.

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September 26, 2007

Ted: The episode where Penny's father makes a mistake...

The three suitors had far less aplomb.

"But, we've negotiated in good faith," simped the first.

"Indeed. We have brought gifts beyond this person's comprehension," snorted the second.

The third said. "I, for one, welcome a new challenger."

"Sorry fellas, not here for her. Here for him. Could have a moment, Sir?"

The Wizard wasn't amused. Then he made the other three disappear. "Son, you smell like you bathed in magic. How did you get here from there, outside, wherever, through my wards?"

What could I do? I showed him the spell.

I didn't know he would fuck it up.

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