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March 16, 2009

Ted: Ain't Gonna

Ain't gonna go no more to war,
Ain't gonna sail the seas.

Ain't gonna tell her, anymore,
That she needs to pray on her knees.

Ain't gonna stand no top watch,
Ain't gonna lay no rope.

Ain't gonna tell her, no how,
That I'm off to see Cape Hope.

Ain't gonna stand to no whistle,
Ain't gonna heed no bell,

Ain't gonna tell her, no more, no more,
That her man is a'standing in Hell.

Ain't gonna do no barrel time,
Ain't gonna swab no decks.

Ain't gonna say she's gotta fear
That her man has gone a'wreck.

Ain't gonna.

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March 17, 2009

Ted: Something to Write Home About

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the sweater, and the .45. They were just what I needed last week when the zombies came and we all had to run and hide in the cabin in the woods for the night. Old Man Jacobs had some dynamite up there that came in real handy, too.

I hate to ask for a favor after that, but can you repair the sweater? Maybe stitch in some Kevlar and some GoreTex? If we have to run like that again, I think the extra warmth would be very helpful.

Be home soonest,


New Orleans

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March 20, 2009

Ted: History Lesson

Civilization didn't end when everyone thought it would, with the collapse of the US. It didn't end due to global warming either. Nor worldwide depression, rampant AIDS, or bird flu.

Five billion people on planet Earth died in 2012, but that didn't kill everybody. The billion or so left over, scattered on newly shaped continents or re-learning how to live at sea, rebuilt a civilization of sorts.

It lasted about six hundred more years.

Then Kick 'Em Jenny started to rumble.

The submerged volcano that everyone called "The Harbinger" was trying to speak to a world that didn't notice her.

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March 23, 2009

Ted: Proscribed

The respirator wasn't strictly required for this sort of work, since the hooded chamber had almost a zero percent chance of failure, but Jake didn't get where he was by being careless.

The reagents were happily bubbling away, sublimating into one of the most potent poisons in the history of humanity's attempts to manipulate it's environment. That it was only one step in a long chain of events made the respirator even more vital to Jake's utterly orderly mind. Once started, the chain couldn't be broken and failure would kill millions.

But the payoff... virtual immortality.

Now, to stay awake.

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