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August 20, 2010


Today's theme is "taking a photograph."

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Caitlin: Family Portrait

I sat in the car, unwrapped my sandwich from Fat Tony’s, and settled down to wait. Surveillance is boring, but it’s the bread and butter for the PI. It requires patience. Well, after a couple thousand years of wandering, you develop patience.

As I watched the apartment for Mr. I’m-Having-An-Affair, something else caught my eye. There – in the alley. I dropped the sandwich, grabbed the camera, and shot randomly. The alley was so shadowed, I wasn’t sure the photos would confirm anything.

Hours later, at home with the laptop, I stared at the almost-clear image of her. My heart sank.

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Todd: The Eidetic

"I've got it."

Blue frowned. "Look, there's no way you have all that. Let's go over it again..."

Vilick raised his voice. "I said I've got it, dammit."

Other heads came up around the smoky room. Conversations fell silent. The din of celebration slowed somewhat, especially at nearby tables, where hard men with harder looks paused in their drinking and gaming to stare.

"Keep your fucking voice down!" Blue hissed. Grim, positioned two tables over, let his hand slowly slip into his coat.

"I've. Got. The. Plan."

"After one telling? A year long job involving about twenty different people?"

Vil snorted. "Chief, I remember everything."

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