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August 19, 2010


Today's theme is "a misunderstanding."

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Stacy: Oops

I watched as the Regulator team took him away.

Now why hadn’t I given them the papers I took from his cabin? I pulled them out, spread them on the bed. Nope, still looked Chinese to me.

A quiet knock sounded at the door. I drew my six-shooter and stood to the side of the door.

“I didn’t order room service,” I called.

“Patience, you damned fool, open up.”

Only one person in the world could call me that and avoid dying. I unlocked the door and Ash slipped in.

“Girl,” he snapped, “you have gone and screwed up good.”

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Caitlin: Ooops

He said it was just like the old days, so I didn’t think there was anything to worry about.

“The old days” conjured up images of revelry. Parties. Wine flowing. Music and dancing and sex, oh sure, there was sex, but consenting adults, all that. Besides, in the old days, those lines were… different. Sure things got out of hand, but not in a scary way. More in an orgy way. Which was fine with everyone, in the old days.

So I thought, maybe a little trouble with Blue Laws, but nothing to worry about.

I’d forgotten about the Maenads.

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Todd: No Tip

Grim caught the pouch in the air without taking his eyes off the priest and tossed it back to Blue. The unmistakable jingle brought a smile to his scarred face.

"Well, I guess that'll be all." The sweaty priest picked up his pack and made for the door quickly. "His Eminence expresses his thanks."

Grim kicked his feet up on the table, popped the cork on his wine and toasted the retreating man.

"Anytime, my good fellow. We cater to all!"

"Uh, Grim, this ain't..."

A knife flew through the smoky air, pinning the priest's trembling sleeve to the door.

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