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June 22, 2010


Today's theme is "machinery."

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Looking through the ruin and carnage, I picked up a brochure and read:

The Leviathan 2000 is the latest in automated remote divine intervention tools, complete with long-range supernatural telepresence, formidable firepower without match, and a preternaturally intelligent network system for coordinating complex maneuvers from dancing on the head of a pin to waging battles against the fires of the infernal pit.

Furthermore, this miracle of modern machinery will go where angels fear to tread, all through the Divine Will of the operator.

From the looks of things these days, blood and ashes, the angels didn't take to downsizing well.

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Senator Hitch regarded his savior. It looked like a ten foot long lady bug, only with a brushed aluminum finish. Platinum coated, they said.

The wings rose up and revealed a bed within. As he stretched out on it, he felt the catheters and EEG wires attaching themselves to his body.

“You’ll be in stasis, or hibernation, for 100 years,” said the tech. “By then the atmosphere will have cleared the toxins.”

The wings closed over him with a snick. Then darkness.

Sunlight flooded his eyes. The wings pulled back to reveal a bearded derelict. “Meat,” said the hairy man.

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