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June 5, 2009


What's with all the meowing?

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“I hate that little bastard next door. He really gives me the creeps. Whenever I look out a window, there he is, just staring through the fence at me. It’s enough to make my hair stand on end. I can hardly bear to go out the back door anymore because I know he’ll be waiting for me, his cold, dark eyes boring into mine, challenging me; threatening me. I just can’t stand it. I’m a nervous wreck! We have to do something about him! My leg still hurts where he bit me last week...”

“Oi, what’s with all the meowing?”

Posted by: Leanne Douglas at June 5, 2009 2:08 AM · Permalink

The noise was constant; half a dozen small voices all screaming at Alice. "Shut up," She pleaded with them.

But the kittens couldn't understand. All they knew was they were hungry, and Alice was the one holding the tin of canned kitten food. Even their docile mother mewed expectantly. Alice sighed. "I am so neutering you after this, Sasha," she said to the large burmese.

This was just her luck. It was barely a month since she'd moved into her own place, and she already had six more mouths to feed.

It was even worse that she found them cute.

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