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May 26, 2009


Would you like to play a game?

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High healed foot falls fade in the distance. A blind fold dangles from my left hand. The pistol in my right holds a single bullet. Hot wax drips on my bare chest. The stench of burning rope fills my nostrils. Thick leather straps bind my ankles, thighs and chest. Two more above my elbows anchor my arms just far enough apart to deny reaching the other. Another across my forehead forces my gaze on the glowing branding iron swaying ever so slightly above my chest. Her seductive glance, her playful tone – it all seemed so exhilarating just a moment ago.

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History does not repeat itself

“Would you like to play a game?”

“Son, not now, I am really tired.”

The little boy says nothing. His head droops and he trudges back to his room.

Rohit watches his son as he closes the door. He sits down. The incident had triggered some old memories and images of his father flash through his head. He vividly remembers how his father had neglected and then abandoned them. Even today, these thoughts fill him with disappointment and anger.

For a while, he is motionless. Suddenly he gets up and walks to his son’s room. History would not repeat itself.

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“Would you like to play a game?” His empty eyes stared at the girl coiled in the corner of the room bound to old copper pipe.

“Yes…yes, anything…yes just don’t k..hurt me!” Her voice shook.

Hannibal smiled. It had been so long. Memories of the way flesh tasted excited him. The thought of her flavour overwhelmed him.
“I was thinking of perhaps a tea party?” His voiced whispered into the fear.

Sobbing filled the room as the woman tried to coil tighter into herself disappearing from her nightmare.

“Yes…a tea party shall be the perfect game…Such innocent fun.” He sneered.

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‘Would you like to play a game?’

It had been a long day for Sam. She felt exhausted, her mind elsewhere.

‘Mummy, would you like to play a game?’

Sam felt least like playing games, she felt she had been playing enough of her estranged husband’s games recently.

‘Let’s put on our gum boots and jump over puddles!’

Sam sighed. ‘Okay, get your gumboots on and I’ll meet you at the front door!’

‘I'm ready!’ Alex looked gratefully toward Sam.

Sam took the first leap, enjoyed the childhood experience, and enjoyed her forgotten self, freed from adulthood for this moment.

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