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May 8, 2009


What was the second greatest trick the devil ever pulled?

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"Lord Lucifer, the demons are all standing by to implement your latest plan."

"Excellent! This one will be my greatest achievement since the apple tree. Tell them that they are to convince all females that their lovers will change their behavior after they are married."

"Truly a wonderfully evil plan sir, but what about the males of the species? How do you intend to make all of them miserable as well?"

"Ah, that's what makes my plan so deliciously evil! Tell the demons that they are to convince all the males that their true loves will not change after marriage!"

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“Can I have a chocolate cone, please?”

“Coming right up, sir.”

Slamming the five dollar bill on the counter, I snatched the cone from the cashier.


I managed to tear my eyes away from the ice cream cone and smile at… Lucifer, the name tag read, who smiled back.

My tongue darted out and licked a trail around the ice cream. My eyes popped open, and I dropped the ice cream cone.


Behind the counter, Lucifer laughed. That should those idiots who said his ‘replacing the sugar in ice cream cones with Splenda’ plan would be a failure!

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Your comment has been deleted. It wasn't pithy, or smart, or funny, or dramatic, it was just preachy.

And it wasn't even 100 words.

If you want to come preach to an audience who obviously doesn't care, try a street corner.

Feel free to keep coming by and reading anytime you want... but try to remember this: creative writing.

Creative writing is when you actually exercise your brain to make your point.

Creative writing is when you use allegory, or inference, or at least just a dialog, to get your point across.

I'm sure you could improve if you tried.

Posted by: Ted at May 10, 2009 9:32 AM · Permalink

Check before you post!