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April 10, 2009


Who would name their child that?

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Stacy: It's a Name Not a Description, Dammit

I ran through the alley, six-shooter in one hand, rifle in the other. Jed wasn’t getting away from me this time.

Movement ahead… I dropped to one knee and brought the rifle up. Breathe, sight, squeeze. The bullet took him high in the chest and he dropped like a sack of rocks.

I walked slowly towards him. The streets were deserted, windows shuttered. Citizens knew better than to come between a SP and her quarry.

Jed glared up at me sullenly.

“For a little lady named Patience you sure ain’t got any,” he gasped.

I shot him between the eyes.

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Stacy: I SAID, It's a Name Not a Description, Dammit

Shit. I just had to let my temper get the better of me. Again. Now I had to carry this bastard back to the Station.

I whistled a quick tune and moments later was joined by Ahab, my electric mule. He wasn’t much to look at, was probably one of the original series, but he was damned reliable.

We pulled up to the Station a few tics later. Several uniforms relieved us of our burden in exchange for a Death Voucher. I took it inside to the purser Stella to collect.

“Patience?” she snorted. “Honey, your momma mis-named you!”


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