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March 9, 2009


Today's theme is an unusual animal.

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Stacy: It's a Spurkey!

He etched the necessary symbols into the delicate egg shell, taking care to avoid breaching the membrane. Life, growth, strength and health symbols were added to the four cardinal points, stability to the bottom, and future to the top. What good was a new species if it could not propagate itself?

He added the egg to an urn filled with water from the Spring, then dropped in a turkey feather and several spiders. The contents would steep for nine days, the essential humors of the ingredients working their way into the egg. After incubation and hatching, turkey legs for everyone!

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Dave: The Paragon of Animals

They bowed their heads.

“Oh, what a work is man,” intoned Zack, closing his eyes.

“How noble in reason,” added Sara, softly.

“How infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and, um, admirable,” Thomas said. His memory was never very good for these sorts of things.

“In action, how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god,” Zack continued. Reverence breathed through his words, quiet, still.

“The beauty of the world,” Sara agreed, nodding.

“The paragon of animals.” Thomas concluded.

“Right, that’s that. Pass a bit more of him over, would you?” Zack asked. “And the mustard.”

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David: The Red-Breasted Honest Elected Official

It lurks in the halls of power, skittering from shadow to shadow to avoid the predations of its more aggressive cousins. Its plumage is generally subdued to the point of camouflage, until it becomes startled by someone poking at one of its core beliefs, at which point it risks breaking cover, startling those around it with impassioned self-righteousness and press conferences.

Sadly, this noble creature is endangered, due not only to the difficulty it encounters when attempting to reproduce, but also to a quirk of biology which causes it to transform at a genetic level when in a hostile environment.

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Caitlin: Office Politics

He stares at me balefully every morning. It didn’t used to be this way. I can’t figure out where things went wrong. Although I initially considered him a decoration, it’s not like I mistreated him. I kept his water clean, fed him daily – twice on Mondays and Fridays, since he is alone all weekend.

I think he’s holding a grudge. He just looks at me through the glass, his snub-nose and underbite no longer cute. Now his dog-like face is menacing.

Honestly, though: I should worry about vengeance from a fish? Silly.

I still wish he’d stop staring at me.

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Ted: One for the Road

Jack was just getting ready to leave the bar when he met the frog. Now usually, Jack wasn't the kind of guy talk to frogs, but this one met him at the door and started croaking at him all the way to his car, hopping frantically the entire way.

"What is your problem, little guy?" Jack asked the tiny green and red frog.

"Croak," said the frog.

"Fuck this. I only had one lousy beer, I can't be this drunk."

"Crooooooaaaaak!" replied the frog, louder than any two inch frog had a right to be.

Then Jack saw the crow.

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